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EXCITING NEWS! We have babies on the way at end of April 2024, if you would like more info please get in touch x

Although we understand currently there is a huge demand for Cavapoo's we would like to express that we are not a breeder that breeds all the time. You will see our babies inside our home where they have been reared with our children every day since the day they were born. You must be be prepared for the price we charge to reflect the quality of your puppy and our knowledge and experience as breeders! 

Finding a puppy from a caring, loving, knowledgeable breeder should be a priority in your search and likewise for us as breeders. Finding the best homes for our babies is paramount and we won't settle for anything less than loving forever homes for our special little ones. 

Don't be shy in expecting a lot from any breeder you buy a puppy from and don't settle for cheap puppies that keeps puppy farms in business. Ask lots of questions, listen carefully to the answers, make sure your puppy has had the best possible start in life, always see mum and dad and the mum with her babies. Spend time talking to your breeder, any good breeder will give you all the time you need to feel secure that your decision to bring a wonderful baby into your home is the right one. Or in some cases maybe not if your breeder is completely honest. 

Listen to the negatives not just the positives, any good breeder will most certainly give you both! 

TEETHING PROBLEMS! Sometimes we expect everything to be perfect when we bring our new puppy home but there can be teething problems. Im here to explain about those potential hurdles and support you through them till they pass. 

Remember no puppy is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic!


Its so important to know that a good breeder will give your puppy the best start in life which will absolutely help their mental development in the future. You have until 16 weeks to teach your puppy as much as you can and socialise him/her as much as possible, half of this time is spent with the breeder so bare this in mind when you choose your puppy.

If you are interested in giving one of our babies a home please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We don't tend to keep peoples name on a list, we ask that once you have received an email back from us with a time frame of when next to get in touch, you contact us again. We believe the people who genuinely can offer a great home for our babies will keep in touch at every step, before mating, afterwards and certainly once the babies are here. 

All our puppies are brought up in our home around our children and in the later weeks go onto being around our adult dogs. Our children play a key part in their early development. If your looking to give a puppy a home with young children thats great but please let us know so we can give you as much advice as possible on how to correctly let puppies and children play together. 

All our puppies are sold subject to our contract which is there to protect us as the breeders and you as the new owner. When we have a puppy available you will be sent a copy of the contract for you to read and agree before a deposit will be accepted. 

 What comes with your puppy!
- A well socialised and loved puppy
- Health checked by a Veterinary surgeon
- 1st Vaccination

- Worming certificate

- A puppy guide with lots of info
- Fully wormed 
- Microchip
- Around a month supply of food
- Food Bowls
- Toys 
- Blanket/scent pillow
- A contract to protect both you and us
- Wealth of knowledge from experienced breeders
- Aftercare from us for as long as you need us
- Photographs and updates from day 1 of your puppy's journey
- Peace of mind buying from a 5 star awarded breeder 

- We do now insist that you have your own insurance set up ready for the day  you collect your puppy

See a photo on our puppy packs page  of what to expect from our puppy packs that leave with our babies (Packs can differ slightly)  x

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