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The early days are so important

When we breed a litter we take great pride int he work we do with your puppy in the first few months of their lives. It is an important time in your puppies lives to ensure they go on to be the social butterfly they were born to be! Its also really important that you carry this on as soon as you get your puppy settled. 

We have a great routine when we have a litter that has become a way of life for us, starting from day one when the puppies are born.

More often than not our mums give birth in our bedroom where we can be on hand night and day for her and the babies. We then in fortnightly stages move them in to our front room, then our kitchen and for the final two weeks they go on to be around our adults dogs.

Moving the puppies around enables us to get them used to lots of different things they may face in adult life and we do this only with positive reinforcement giving them lots of praise when they face anything that at first may be a little scary. Cavapoos can be a little sensitive but with the correct upbringing this soon can be a positive ensuring they become loyal and social companions. 

The last two weeks your puppy is with us is very important. This is when we spend time with them learning them independence so when the big day comes they are absolutely ready for their new life and adventures ahead.

Although we don't train our puppies as such we do spend some time on potty training, crate training, baths, grooming, outdoors, being alone for very short periods of time, loud noises and children. We always have our children's friends over who are always happy to help with puppy socialising.

You will need to carry on with this and in many cases potty training will need to be started again with all the new smells around but I'm here if you need me for anything, every step of the way!


Lots of people ask if they can visit us to choose their puppy, I have to be honest I don't like to do this and I want to thank everyone who has had a Prestige Cavapoo for understanding our reasons. 

Every day I am asked if someone can visit and because I get so many enquires I just couldn't do it anymore.

I worry so much about allowing strangers in my home freely because of the risk of dog thefts as well as potential health risks to our puppies.  So at the moment we dont allow visits.

Our address is not available on our website because of our worries, however of course will be given before collection.

Another important factor is the puppy socialising, a puppy you may see before 8 weeks can act and look very different to the same puppy who is ready for their home. Their coats grow as well as their minds and with the work we do especially in the final two weeks this gives us the opportunity for you to meet your puppy when he is absolutely ready to. 

However if you have reserved a puppy from us the day you come to collect your puppy we will open up our home to you and you can meet us, mum and dad to your puppy as well as all our others dogs, horses, sheep and goats. This gives me time to get to know you over the weeks prior and gives the puppies time to have their first vaccination and socialisation, I hope this is ok x 

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