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A little from the lovely homes we found for our babies.
We don't correct or edit any of these reviews, we leave them as they are written and sent to us x


I could not have asked for a better breeder than Becky or a better dog than our gorgeous Pickle. As a first time dog owner purchasing a puppy during these strange times Becky could not have been more open and understanding about our worries. She was available for help both before our puppy was taken home and after with the small hiccups that come along with a new puppy. The puppy pack she provided had everything we might have forgotten to make sure Pickle settled into his new home, and the beautiful photos and videos she sent after he was born were the highlight of our weeks. Our beautiful Lhasapoo Pickle could not be a better dog, he is brave, curious, friendly and affectionate and we are sure this is largely due to his excellent socialisation as a newborn. We are hoping to get Pickle a playmate sometime soon and will not for a second even consider not getting them through Becky and Prestige Cavapoo’s.

Pickle loved by Elizabeth x

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I researched all through lockdown for the right breed and breeder for us and was really glad we waited until August 22. when we found prestige and visited their wonderful home we knew we’d struck gold as Becky and Nik and three children have a really special bond with their dogs, we could see this wasn’t just a business they have genuine desire to breed happy healthy and resilient dogs that go on to be wonderful pets. Our cavapoo Alfie spent just one or two nights wanting a couple of cuddles in the night and now he sleeps through, he was so easy to housetrain and teach commands to and is incredible with children and other dogs, he a credit to their family, he’s relaxed, well adjusted and loves being sociable, he’s intelligent and into everything and we’re always finding new ways to exercise his brain such as lick Bowls, puzzles and doggy dates, and luckily for us he’s charmed the pants of all the family who all want to dog sit! Becky is always on hand to answer questions too which is peace of mind but with such calm dogs that have had the right loving start there won’t be as many teething problems, we’re heard horror stories from people who have not gone to a first class breeder like Becky and it’s evident in their puppies behaviour and health. Can’t recommend enough.

Alfie loved By Lucy Beaumont and Jon Richardson x

From TV shows such as

Meet the Richardsons and Celebrity Gogglebox


We can’t thank Becky at Prestige Cavapoos enough!
We  have the most beautiful puppy who we have called Presley.
Mum Nellie and Dad Mambo
From our very first contact to collecting our little baby, Becky has been brilliant.
Sending updates videos and keeping us informed every step of the way
on collection day we met the dogs and Becky’s lovely children. We fell in love with our little puppy the moment we saw him.
It was so obvious he had been so loved and cared for. Well socialised in the home with the family.
He is now 12 weeks and is so happy sociable and such a friendly little boy. He is sleeping through the night and very quick to learn and train.
If your looking for a Cavapoo breeder then I would highly recommend Prestige Cavapoos

Presley loved by Karen, Rod and Olivia x


After month's of searching for a Cavapoo breeder, something kept bringing me back to Prestige Cavapoo (Rebecca)
And im so pleased i did
She was brill from start to finish
I always got plenty of video's and updates
I where ever to get another Cavapoo puppie
Id definitely contact Prestige Cavapoo
There service was second to none x

Teddy loved by Debi x


I can’t recommend Becky and Nik ( Prestige Cavapoo) enough. 
Becky has been fantastic from the first time I phoned her, till when we picked up our fur baby Lola 10days ago from Lolo’s litter.
I did a lot of research in breeders in Cavapoos. 
We travelled from Chelmsford to Country Durham. 
The love and care Becky, Nik and there children put into the puppies is amazing. 
We would look forward to our weekly updates- pictures and videos of the litter with Lolo, you could see the brilliant care.
Since we have brought Lola home she has been the most loving and confident pup, and that’s all down to the wonderful care she had in the first 8 weeks.
Thank you so so much Becky and Nik. 
Lola has completed our family and we love her so much.

Lola loved by Holly and family x


We are really delighted with our puppy Chester, and had a really great experience with Rebecca and Nik. Prior to Chester being born we received lots of information about both parents and previous litters. After Chester was born we received regular updates, and all the information and support we needed to bring him home safely. He has now been part of the family for a week and he is an absolute delight. He is friendly, sociable and good fun, and also loves to snuggle on our knees. We couldn’t be happier and would wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca and Nik to anyone.

Chester Loved by Johane and family x


Becky, Nik and their children are such a  wonderful family. From the moment I spoke to Becky, I felt secure in the knowledge that she was not only a reputable, knowledgeable breeder but someone who cared very much for her animals. She was happy to answer all of my many questions and she asked just as many to make sure her puppies were going to a good home. Becky was in touch regularly before and after Willow was born. We were sent videos of the puppies/dogs in her happy family home and she was always at the end of the phone. Becky is so kind and helpful. She is still in touch now and I know she would always be there for us. 
When I went to collect Willow, I met the whole family and all the dogs. Mambo (dad) and Boo Boo(mum) who were the most gorgeous, gentle dogs. I received all genuine paperwork and certificates and the puppy pack was amazing! 
The start that Willow has had in life is amazing. 
I feel so fortunate to have met this family and so lucky to have Willow to become part of our family. She is a very calm puppy and it has been commented on by many. She is good-natured and she is in excellent health. She is very much loved and we can’t imagine life without her. 
Thank you so much.

Willow loved by Julia and family xx


After many weeks of searching for the perfect puppy and the perfect breeder, I found Rebecca and her lovely family. She made the whole process very easy and kept us updated with videos and photos of Max. Max arrived to our family when he was over 8 weeks, he has an amazing temperament and has been great with my little girl, we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Max loved by Beatriz Miguez Armada and family


We absolutely love our gorgeous boy Archie!
We highly recommend Prestige Cavapoo, they are wonderful, trustworthy breeders who are dedicated to their dog’s health and welfare. From first contact when Meeka was carrying her pups Becky answered all our questions without delay and sent us lots of videos and pictures before and after Meeka gave birth to her beautiful litter. They are a lovely family and I think Archie socialising with the children helped make him the loving, friendly, confident puppy he is today. He is now 18 weeks old and has been a dream to train, he is so quick to learn. He really is the most loving cuddly, puppy who makes us laugh everyday with his antics. Thank you so much Becky, Nik and family!

Archie loved by Tracy, Jeff and family, Hartlepool x


We would highly recommend Prestige Cavapoo if you are looking for trustworthy, experienced and committed breeders.

After first contacting Becky, I kept in touch at each milestone on her advice through mating, pregnancy, birth and the first 8 weeks of our puppy’s life.  I was informed at each step of the way and felt so confident I had found fantastic breeders. 

Becky and Nik and the kids are all so lovely and made our family extremely welcome when we came to visit Lily and her babies.

The puppy pack we received when we collected Sansa contained a wealth of valuable information as well as some lovely toy.  We could not be happier with our little slipper loving Sansa  She settled in extremely well from day one in her new home and is a confident, happy, lovely natured puppy who has trained so easily already. She really was given the best start in life!

Thank you from Katie, Nick, Courtney, Will and Danny

image0 (5).jpeg

Having scoured the internet for many weeks looking for a reputable breeder. I’m so glad I came across Prestige Cavapoo Website. I initially contacted Becky enquiring about her gorgeous Cavapoo Pups, but when Becky mentioned she had a litter of Lhasapoo pups, having had a Lhasa Apso for 12 years, I thought I’d do some research on them. I’m so glad I did and we decided to adopt one of her gorgeous Male Lhasapoo’s. Becky was extremely helpful throughout, always there to answer any questions and gave regular Video and Picture updates of the pups.
Boo Boo (Mum) & Mambo (Dad) have the most amazing temperament and we know we definitely made to right decision choosing Prestige Cavapoo as our Breeder. I would highly recommend, and will definitely use Prestige Cavapoo for any future siblings for Murphy.

I really can’t thank you enough for bringing Murphy into our lives. We just adore him so much and has helped immensely with our grief of losing Bailey. X

Murphy loved by Karan and family

image0 (6).jpeg

This our beautiful puppy Precious! I’d never heard of the Lhasapoo before speaking to Becky but after a few weeks of having her home with us I cannot recommend both the breed and Prestige Cavapoo highly enough. Becky was so helpful and informative and prior to collecting Precious we had lots of photos, videos and updates.  When we collected her it is clear just how much love, care and consideration goes into bringing these puppies into the world. In the month that we’ve had Precious she has completely captured our hearts. She is eager, fierce less and quick to learn, full of character, bounce and fun but also very calm for a puppy. She found her funny bark very quickly although she is in no way yappy - she only ever uses it if a baby is on TV!  My 10 year old daughter and I can’t imagine our life without her now.

Precious loved by Louisa and family


Choosing a puppy can be a daunting experience, but thanks to Becky and her family our experience was pleasurable and enjoyable from start to finish.
Being a reputable and experienced breeder, Becky’s knowledge and advice was invaluable and helped us prepare for our new puppy.
Weekly video updates from Becky gave us the chance to share magical moments and see our little puppy grow, which definitely helped us to bond with him.
At eight weeks old, we collected our adorable cavapoo who had clearly been loved and cared for.
The aftercare pack came complete with our puppy’s family tree, lovely toys, good quality dog food and a medical record of worming treatments, microchip and vaccination dates.
Thanks to Becky’s genuine love of dogs, we have a very happy and very sociable cavapoo - Archie.
We couldn’t be happier

Archie Loved by Peter & Melanie (Northumberland)


Becky & Nik are authentic and trustworthy; they showed a high level of care for the pups and me throughout. I really appreciated seeing the progress and development of Ella and Ruby’s in the first 8 weeks through the pictures and videos they shared. I am delighted to welcome Ella and Ruby into my life and would recommend Becky & Nik as reputable breeders.

Ruby and Ella Loved by Suzi Caesar


Prestige Cavapoo are genuine, caring breeders with a wealth of knowledge and information on everything dog related. Becky was happy to let us be involved as soon as Meeka was pregnant - lots of photos, videos and answered so many questions! This was very helpful as first time dog owners with two children. Our puppy Codi is a happy, friendly fur baby who has settled well into his new home. Would definitely recommend to any other families looking for a Cavapoo.

Codi Loved by The Cadger Family, Edinburgh


We were shown the puppies along with both of their parents and other dogs, they all looked very happy and well cared for. Becky answered all our stored up questions before taking us through lots of care instructions and advice. We received a wonderful and very valuable care package including blankets with her mother’s scent on, and another with her brothers and sisters scent.also a months supply of food, feeding bowl, toys and paperwork for vaccinations, chip, detailed health instructions.Two of the most valuable items were a ‘puppy experience checklist’ which had an amazing number of things that you should introduce your puppy used to and not just standard things like hoovers & lawnmowers. A great deal of thought had gone into this list! The other item was a ‘caring for your Cavapoo’ detailed list. There was also a family tree for Disney along with a puppy contract. All through our visit Becky re assured us that we could contact her if advice was needed or if we were in any doubt - we have already taken her up on this!. Becky really cares about her puppies and that they are going to the ‘right people’. Becky and Nik made us feel so welcome and relaxed .Disney has settled in well and we can’t imagine life without her now. Thank you both so much - we will keep in touch!

Disney Loved by Cathy Rigg - Leeds x


We love Zelda with all our heart! She is everything we could’ve imagined plus more. She is sweet, smart, funny and so fun to play with. We couldn’t imagine life without her and we’re so grateful Rebecca brought Zelda into our life! Our experience could not have been any better! From the initial conversations with Rebecca she has been absolutely helpful, patient, and kind the entire way. This was our first time owning a puppy, so we had a million questions, and every single one was answered with care which really made us know we made the right decision to go with Prestige Cavapoo. Rebecca also regularly updated us with cute pictures and videos of Zelda and the entire litter. We are definitely very happy.

Zelda Loved by Marina and family x


We are so pleased with our decision to go with Prestige Cavapoo’s. It was reassuring to have Becky and Nik’s breeding experience, knowledge and advice as they are always only a text/phone-call away!
Suki is now 11 weeks old and is a delight. On picking her up at 8 weeks it was clear she had been well handled, socialised, and had come from a great home environment.
She very quickly settled in to her new home and was happy to be handled by our two children and visitors!
When meeting people out and about Suki has enjoyed being handled by all, from
babies to the elderly.
She has taken to potty, crate and general training very quickly!
Would recommend Prestige to anyone looking for a happy and healthy Cavapoo!

Suki loved by Suzannah and family x


Becky was great to deal with when getting our first puppy, Luna.
Becky provided regular updates & videos of how Luna was progressing in her first 8 weeks, which made it clear how much care & attention she puts into providing happy & healthy puppies.
We loved seeing the whole canine family when we picked Luna up & Becky provided lots of useful information to take away that has helped Luna settle into our family really well. I would not not hesitate to recommend Prestige Cavapoo.

Luna loved by Sam, Rachel & Phoebe x

image0 (10).jpeg

We are so pleased and delighted that we chose to have our puppy from Becky & Nik and all of the family. He was obviously was well looked after from his arrival in the world and he has brought absolute love and joy into ours. The period after he was born until the day we collected him went very smoothly and the video updates ensured we were able to see him growing from a very dependent little one with his beautiful mother, into a confident  well  socialised puppy. The regular video updates made us feel part of the process. On collection of Charlie we were made to feel very welcome by Beckie and Nik and because of the regular contact beforehand it felt like we were meeting with friends. We were able to see both parents whilst we were there. Charlie is a delightful little puppy who has completely charmed us and everyone he meets. We feel lucky and privileged to be his owners and we would like to thank Beckie and Nik for all their care and love when breeding these amazing little cavapoo pups.
Charlie came microchipped and vaccinated and with the benefit of a written contract we felt secure in our purchase.

Thanks and love Elaine and Sue x

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We were very glad that we found Prestige’s Cavapoo after searching such a long time for a good reliable Cavapoo breeder. We could follow Meekàs pregnancy, Becky sent us weekly videos and photos. We want to thank Becky and her family very much for taking care of our puppy Natsu for 4 months. She needed to be at least 4 months old to be able to travel to us. We live in Belgium. It was not easy to travel because of the Covid restrictions, but in the end we could welcome Natsu to our family. We are so happy and luck to have her, she is a very sweet, social and happy puppy. We love her so much!!!!

Thank you!!! Haru, Eiko, Ezra x

image0 (12).jpeg

We came across Prestige Cavapoo whilst researching breeders and the site and information provided just stood out from others and having the contacted Becky it was clear this was the breeder for us. Every question was answered and more and nothing was too much trouble. What is very obvious is that the care, loving and passion that goes into their animals is at the very highest level. We went to see Eddie and knew within minutes we wanted to bring him home with us. Seeing how he was brought up in a family environment and how happy he was there    was also good as he was bought for my 9 year old son and they very quickly became good friends. We left with lots of information, a great puppy pack and the peace of mind that Becky was on hand if we needed anything. Eddie quickly became part of the family and is a confident, friendly, healthy and beautiful dog.

I couldn't recommend Becky highly enough. Thank you Scott and family x

image0 (13).jpeg

We would highly recommend Prestige Cavapoo. Becky was honest, informative and highly professional and it is evident that the welfare of the dogs is of utmost importance including after after care. We were kept updated of progress and regularly received videos and photos of mum and puppies in the weeks before they were ready to come home. We met Minnie’s lovely mum, dad and the other fluffy dogs who are so obviously loved and very well cared for.  Minnie is the most beautiful, loving, cuddly, loyal girl we could have ever asked for and we are so happy we had her. If only we could have them all. 

Thank you to Becky and her lovely family
Hannah and Minnie xx


Following 7 years of convincing my husband, we started our search for our beloved cavapoo puppy, Rua! I researched for months; reading and re reading webpages, and reviews but I knew straight away that I had found the perfect breeder when I landed on Becky’s website; professional, informative and constructive, demonstrable years of breeding and rearing experience, honest reviews, details of each dog and lots of pictures of a family loving and enjoying all of their animals. When I spoke to Becky she was very open and honest and managed my expectations. I had regular updates and pictures (including of pregnant Lolo) and we knew and were reassured and confident that Rua was starting life in a really loving and caring home. There is no guarantee as to what kind of personality a puppy will have. However, when Rua arrived we were genuinely shocked by his beautiful nature and with how quickly he adapted to our home; it was immediate. Rua didn’t cry or whine and going outside to the toilet was just second nature.  I think this a testament to how he has been bred, socialised and loved from the beginning and the importance of picking a breeder like Becky who knows from years of experience what to do. We also received a puppy bag with lots of information, food for over a month and toys. I was in daily contact with Becky in the immediate days that followed Rua arriving and there was never any issue in contacting Becky- it was actively encouraged. Rua is a loving, gorgeous puppy (he was even more beautiful than the pictures and videos!) with a real cheeky side to him. My young sons (8 and 6) adore him and our lives have been enhanced by having him as part of our family. It has been a pleasure dealing with Becky and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a top breeder. I know that we will remain in regular contact. Huge thanks again to Becky and her lovely family. 

Rua loved By Andrea and family (London) x


Becky was amazing and sent us lots of photo and video updates every week! Becky was really informative and helpful and you can tell that she loves what she does. Biscuit is the most loving and happy puppy and you can tell that he has had the best possible first 8 weeks of his life in Becky’s home with her family. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Prestige Cavapoos to anyone. It was worth the wait.

Biscuit loved by Sophie x

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